Pixel Art Gta V Minecraft Map

By | March 9, 2020

Due to the january 2014 pmc update pixel art is banned from being posted or updated after that date and any that are updated or posted can be removed so i can no longer update through the update log thank you. 4 4 2015 i have been working on this map for about a 3 years it has over 145 pixel.

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Introduction today we are starting a giant project together with 17 other builders chosen out the form below.

Pixel art gta v minecraft map. We will be making the 11 sized gta v gta 5 map in minecraft this all started a long time ago when i decided to recreate just michaels house in minecraft i did do it and it turned out pretty succesfully. Hier das pixelart zum neuen spiel die ma e sind 76×67 bl cke das machen 5092 bl cke. Click here for the form.

Material download map now. Latest hot pixel art maps. The minecraft project grand theft auto 5 pixelart was posted by shutupandrock.

As always if you want me to build a picture then post what you want built in the comments. Gta v eclipse tower timelapsethumbupalt. Dont forget to smash that like but.

The minecraft map shield pixel art was posted by mustacheturtle360. Tm horse face pixel art. There was not enough space.

Please vote for me. In this video im recreating a picture from the gta v loading screen using minecraft blocks. Browse and download minecraft gta maps by the planet minecraft community.

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