How Did Hazbin Hotel Characters Die

By | March 28, 2020

According to the fan wiki angel died in the 1940s from a pcp overdose. It s literally confirmed so there s really no other evidence.

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Ok so i was looking through the character pages because of sheer absolute boredom hehehe and noticed that.

How did hazbin hotel characters die. How did alastor die. Husk was a vietnam vet who possibly killed himself due to failing to overcome ptsd and after developing a gambling and alcohol addiction. Nifty is unknown entirely except that she died in the 50 s.

Renarouge12 1 17 2020 in faq. Asphyxiation from hate crime she died in 2014 making her the youngest out of everyone in the show. The number one cause of death during that time was heart disease if that means anything.

Vaggie died of her stab wound captured and abused by a man angel dust my senpia crush overdosed on the drug angel dust charlie was born in hell so yeeeaa. They all have a reason of death. Vaggie is another mystery.

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