Hazbin Hotel Lucifer X Reader

By | September 9, 2020

Read hazbin hotel. I m sorry for making so many stories and not being able to finish them i just recently found out about hazbin hotel and wanted to write about it.

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Read hunger lucifer x male reader i from the story the hazbin hotel project by thedrowsymoon with 8 497 reads.

Hazbin hotel lucifer x reader. When you awaken you find yourself in hell a year after the hazbin hotel first opened. You d rarely see one without the other. I d like to profus.

When you see an advertisement on screen and realize that you re still far too human to survive on the streets alone you make your way to its entrance. This is your final offer. Hasbin hotel lucifer x reader 83 7k reads 2k votes 37 part story.

Open don t follow if you re under 18 rules. A n this was requested by sorethecoffeegirl. Let s just jump in to it shell we hotel.

My favorites are alastor sir pentious and lucifer requests are open alastor cherribomb katykilljoy lucifer niffty sirpentious. They became close as sisters and if you didn t know any better you d think they d b. Add to library 1 discussion.

By puppetmarimarionnete ongoing updated jan 12 embed story share via email read new reading list. This is a blog dedicated to writing about the characters of the hazbin hotel. I hope you will all enjoy and thank you to sorethecoffeegirl for requesting this.

Fanfiction for the last time alastor stop teleport me whenever you like when i m trying to enjoy my day oh but honey i know you love it fox or his real name m n is a powerful demon that the only demon can against a radio demon known as alastor who had fall head over heel. Your a siner who just come to hell but how did you get in to hell in the first place. You reader are murdered by a serial killer.

Hazbin hotel x reader one shots fanfiction. Years laterit s been 131 years since y n came to hell and it s been the best years of her life lucifer lilith and charlie became the family she never had. And even someone will soon a finds a liking on you.

All characters belong to their respected creators. Alastor x reader regret by kan. 43 4k 1 4k 12 i m tired alastor.

The fox demon alastor x demon m reader hazbin hotel 2 days ago ryunosuke16. It s between me or this hotel i m sorry y n but the hotel is. This is a hazbin hotel alastor x reader story cause there isn t enough of these already.

Lucifer x reader from the story hazbin hotel helluva boss zoophobia oneshots by angeline07280413 ainjeleen with 11 872. Hell 10 more 5. This story will have s.

After y n became charlie s bodyguard and personal maid the two became attached at the hip. Complete child toddler hazbin hotel helluva boss x reader toddler lucifer x reader small trash bean couldn t find the original artist if someone knows the original artist please tell me and i will add it. I am so sorry that you.

Welcome to the hazbin hotel.

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