Hazbin Hotel Lucifer And Charlie Fanfiction

By | November 21, 2020

Now charlie has to deal with her feelings for junko and all the teasing from her friends. Angel dust husk hazbin hotel 90 alastor charlie magne 82 lilith magne lucifer magne 74 alastor hazbin hotel reader 72 alastor angel dust hazbin hotel 54 alastor charlie magne 50 alastor hazbin hotel original character s 37 angel dust cherri bomb hazbin hotel 37 include additional tags fluff 129 asexual alastor hazbin hotel 113 alastor is bad at feelings.

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Hazbin hotel x reader one shots fanfiction.

Hazbin hotel lucifer and charlie fanfiction. Charlie daughter of lucifer and his wife lilith leaves hell to investigate surges of evil in paris. Fiction m english humor adventure marinette d c ladybug adrien a cat noir chapters. I own none of the dr or hazbin crew.

Heaven has deus ex vibes. Rosie hazbin hotel mimzy hazbin hotel lilith magne. Sadly charlie wishes shed never looked into it.

But even he has the dark past. Other additional tags to be added. One year since opening the hotel charlie s dream is now in danger of financial bankruptcy.

Read to find out. While his feelings may keep him at bay for now vaggie and alastor both fear he will hurt charlie. Yet on an ordinary.

Fiction t english romance drama charlie vaggie lucifer lilith words. Surrounded by demons lucifer decides to place the current ladybug holder in the hazbin hotel under the protection of his daughter charlie. 3 341 reviews.

Naruto and hazbin hotel crossover fanfiction archive with over 0 stories. It seemed in order to escape a bad man she had to run into a truly wicked one. This is my first time writing a hazbin hotel fanfiction so bare with me here alastor comes to realise he has feelings for charlie and angel dust tries to help him.

But once inside charlie felt something vibrating in. That and charlie trie to find out why so many people are dying in hopes peak. 13438508 full 3 4 1 2 expand tighten after the defeat of sir pentious the crew of the hazbin hotel happily returned to the building.

Deal with a devil. Reader 1 8k 39 9. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the naruto and hazbin hotel universe.

Fanfiction unleash. But that changes when junko comes to hell more like the hotel. Let s see how many things can change for everyone in hell once this new unexpected guest arrives to the hotel what new adventures and mysteries would be revealed.

Alastor s dad is positive character. Nazi demons satanists because satan is fucked up. Alastor is a chivalrous cannibal serial killer.

My favorites are alastor sir pentious and lucifer requests are open alastor cherribomb katykilljoy lucifer niffty sirpentious. Alastor hazbin hotel lucifer magne. Charlie was still heartbroken over vaggie.

Meanwhile the princess of hell is the 1 hostage for heartless monsters. But citizens accidentally confuse charlie as a akumatized victim. I m sorry for making so many stories and not being able to finish them i just recently found out about hazbin hotel and wanted to write about it.

Crossover between miraculous ladybug and hazbin hotel how will the two interact with each other. But alastor will deal with them.

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