Hazbin Hotel Charlie Family Portrait

By | January 20, 2021

While rebuilding the hotel they have to go through some weird adventures finding out something mysterios and dark about charlies family alastor realized. One of 10 illustrations i was asked to do for background work in hazbin.

Charlie S Dad And Lilith By Vexa Zygote On Deviantart Hotel Art Monster Hotel Hotel

It is also implied that their families have known each other for a long time as in a portrait in the hotel lucifer lilith and charlie are standing next to helsa and her mother and father.

Hazbin hotel charlie family portrait. He runs a theme park called lu lu world as mentioned in episode 2 of helluva boss. Demons were either previously human sinners that died and were sent to hell or similar to charlie s case hellborns that are naturally demonic in nature and thus not having been previously human. Charlie is seen calling her a loser during her song in the show s pilot.

Dec 22 2019 family portrait by mayserena on deviantart. Charlie is seen calling her a loser during her song in the show s pilot. For this one vivienne asked for a painted portrait of charlie and lilith.

Charlie seemed happy when helsa was upset. The day will come soon when princess charlie magne has to open the doors of the hazbin hotel. 1 description 2 culture 3 biology 3 1 appearance 3 2 abilities 3 3 reproduction 4 known demons 4 1 sinners 4 2 hellborns 4 3 goetia demons 4 4.

1 appearance 2 personality 3 abilities 3 1 natural abilities 3 2 skillset 3 3 unique abilities 4 galleries 5. Demons are supernatural creatures that inhabit hell. Judging by a portrait in the happy hotel which depicts the magne and von eldritch families together she and charlie know each other because they come from two of hell s high standing families.

Parts of their character designs such as lucifer s staff and the apple emblem on his hat hint at his tempting of eve. Lucifer is also stated to be a fallen angel. Hazbin hotel charlie x alastor fanfiction.

Despite what most of hell thinks she believes that redemption is possible for any and all demons and hopes that it will help with the betterment of the kingdom. As you can see in some parts i was hoping to. It is presumed from this image that they were both born in hell.

In the pilot charlie s parents are only shown in shadow and in a portrait at the hotel. Charlotte magne most commonly referred to as charlie is the hell born princess of hell and the founder of the happy hotel. Family portrait by mayserena on deviantart cartoon family portraits vivziepop hazbin hotel inspiration pictures character art hotel art anime hazbin hotel charlie more information.

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