Hazbin Hotel Character Redesign

By | May 16, 2020

Charlie was confirmed to be bisexual based on the colors of the bisexual pride flag appearing in a tweet from vivienne medrano s account vivziepop. 58 notes nov 3rd 2019.

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Im glad someone else thinks it might be a neat idea.

Hazbin hotel character redesign. Vivzie s art is soooo ugly but her ideas have potential. Mine response anti vivsiepop anti hazbin hotel. Plz do the hazbin hotel character redesigns.

I was gonna do something with them but eh. While also having ties to hell with her upside down pentagram buttons on her blouse and her hair clip transforming into a bat wing when mad. This is a list of all characters in hazbin hotel and helluva boss.

Some hazbin hotel redesigns i did a while ago. With a angelic kind of paint with the light blue color scheme and the angel hair pin in her hair. Charlie the princess of hell gave her more of a tired hotel manager kinda look.

1 hazbin hotel 1 1 main cast 1 2 supporting cast 1 3 minor characters 2 helluva boss 2 1 main cast 2 2 supporting cast 3 to be announced charlie vaggie angel dust alastor husk niffty razzle and dazzle sir pentious egg bois cherri bomb tom. Hazbin hotel hazbin hotel redesign character redesign angel dust i actually dont mind his original design all that much gonna be real i just dont think its suited for animation this one isnt much either but hey im not an animator im theoretically a comic artist. Note that this includes characters that have appeared in the pilot and are yet to appear.

Charlie has an ex boyfriend seviathan who is shown to be helsa s brother as seen in the portraits in the background of the hotel. I was considering it but now im definitely going to do it within the next few days.

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