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By | August 30, 2020

View entire discussion 1 comments. Viv did say that he was not killed by dogs so that s unlikely to be why he hates them.

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Ok so i was looking through the character pages because of sheer absolute boredom hehehe and noticed that it says that alastor died because of a dog related incident but i ve always heard that he died by being shot by a hunter who mistook him for a deer.

Hazbin hotel alastor cause of death. She died at age 22. Hell apparently suffers from mass overpopulation which the exorcists attempt to solve through mass genocides and. The x mark on his forehead too make it a solid guess to assume death by gunshot or similar the same way nifty has stab wounds or gunshot wounds as patterns on her top.

Alastor has a rivalry with another overlord by the name of vox as seen in the comic a day in the afterlife on the official hazbin hotel website. Invading people s personal space. Demons like him can be killed by angels and weapons associated with them.

Has a strange ethical code against following or chasing people to kill them. His mother and her cooking. The project s first official teaser will.

The radio demon al smile strawberry pimp date of death. 1 description 2 known locations 3 trivia 4 references hell is the supernatural realm wherein the souls of sinners and the damnedare sent after death. Dog related incident like.

He got shot in 1933 by a hunter couse he got mistaken by a deer that s why he has deer horns and has traces of deer at the bottom of his feet. He has offered to assist charlie in her endeavors albeit for his own amusement. He can only die if his soul is erased.

Creator of the show also said that he does not like dogs due to the incident that causes his dead so many people asume that the hunter also had a dog. According to vivienne herself alastor isn t the strongest demon in hell as he was stated to be inferior to stolas. 1933 cause of death.

1 appearance 2 personality 3 abilities 3 1 natural abilities 3 2 skillset 3 3 unique abilities 4 galleries 5 trivia 6 references alastor is about the same height as vox with the two of them standing at 7. For those of you curious about darling demons be sure to follow my instagram and check in this weekend for updates. It is also presumably ruled by lucifer whose daughter is charlie.

Alastor is the infamous entity known as the radio demon and is one of the many powerful overlords of hell. Hell is the primary setting of hazbin hotel and helluva boss. Niffty voiced by michelle marie is a small hyperactive cyclops demon from the 1950s who is obsessed with cleanliness and men.

Alastor was a radio guy and a serial killer.

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