How to Create A Map in Minecraft Creative 2021

How to Create A Map in Minecraft Creative – Have you ever played Minecraft? This game is quite popular right now among gamers. This article will tell you how to create a map that can be used in Minecraft as well as how to add locations in the map. This can be done in all versions of the game. If you are playing the newest Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you just need to follow the guides given for smartphones, no matter if you use the smartphone version, console version, or computer version. Here are the steps to create a Minecraft map.

How to Create A Map in Minecraft 2021

How to Create A Map in Minecraft 2021

First, make sure you already have a furnace and crafting table. A crafting table is required for creating the map and its components, while a furnace is used to make the part of the compass that will complete the map. Next, collect necessary materials. Some materials needed to create a map in 2021 are :

  1. You will need 9 sticks of sugarcane in total. Sugarcane is a light green stalk that usually grows near water.
  2. Iron ores. You need 4 iron ores. Iron ore is a gray block with orange dots on it. Use a minimum of a stone pickaxe to mine iron ore.
  3. Redstone is a gray stone with glowing red spots. You will need a stack of it. You can find redstone from layer 16 down. So, you probably have to dig deep enough to find it.
  4. You can use any items that can be burnt. You can opt for collecting 4 blocks of wood or a block of other items, such as charcoals or coals.

How To Make A Minecraft Map 2021

How To Make A Minecraft Map

The next thing you have to do to create a Minecraft map is opening the furnace. Right-click it if you use a computer, press the left trigger if you use consoles, or tap it if you use a smartphone to open the furnace. Then, melt the iron ingots. Place the iron ore into the top box at the furnace interface, the put the fuel into the bottom box. The furnace will automatically start running.

Move the iron ingots into your inventory. Choose the iron ingot, then choose an empty space in your inventory. In the mobile version of Minecraft, you can move directly move items to your inventory by simply tapping them. In the console version of the game, you can do so by pressing the Y or triangle button. Then, open the crafting table by choosing it. What you have to do next is making a compass. Make a compass. Place the pile of redstone in the center crafting box, then place the iron ingots in the top center, bottom center, left center, and right center square. A compass icon will appear.

If you play the mobile version, tap the sword-shaped equipment tab on the left, then tap the compass-shaped icon. But if you play the console edition, choose the equipment tab, search for the compass icon, then press X for PlayStation or A for Xbox. After that, move the compass to your inventory by choosing the compass, then select inventory. Next, make 9 sheets of paper. You can do it by placing 3 sticks of sugar cane in the bottom left crafting box, 3 sticks in the bottom center box, and 3 sticks in the bottom right box.

How to Use The Map in Minecraft

If you play the mobile version, tap the bed-shaped items icon on the left, then tap the white paper icon. If you play the console edition, select the items tab. Then, choose the paper icon and press X for Playstation or A for Xbox. Move the paper to your inventory. Next, make the map. Place the compass in the center crafting square, then place 1 sheet of paper in each of the remaining blank squares. There will be 8 sheets of paper in total. A map icon resembling a sheet of brown paper will appear.

In the mobile version, tap the equipment tab and select the map icon. In the console version, select the equipment tab, choose the map icon, and press X or A. Move the map to your inventory. That’s it. You have created a map in Minecraft and you can start to fill it.

Bring the map by selecting it in the equip bar at the bottom. The map is blank when it is first created, but you can fill it up by traveling the world while you are carrying it with you. The map cannot be filled in on its own if you do not hold it as the active item while traveling the world. Bring up the map view by right-clicking, pressing the left trigger, or tap and hold the screen. In mobile version, you can also tap Create Map if this option appears at the bottom of the screen.

Minecraft Map Games Popular 2021

When it is used for the first time, the map will take a few moments to fill in. The map will start to fill up according where your character is facing. The top of the map is north. Then, take a stroll while using the map. The world will begin to appear on the map with a top-down perspective. The first created map is the world representation with the ratio 1:1. So, each pixel on the map represents one block in the world. When you are taking a stroll while using the map, the edges of the map will start to fill up with data.

The first created map will only fill up if you visit the space. The map will not scroll to show larger spaces. So, you have to expand the map if you want to see a larger area. Then, find the indicator of your character. The location of your character will be shown in the form of white oval on the map. If you create a map without using a compass, which is only available for the Bedrock Edition, there will not be any indicator.

Those are the steps to create a Minecraft map 2021 as well as use it. Do you enjoy playing this popular game?