White House [Map]

This is a scale model of the White House. The Whoite House has been done as accurately as possible and realistic.

ea6a24dc3c84b0f9b6a22dc95e718d59 White House [Map]

6ba4f6c36c97e55eb9d932e77e2c3e06 White House [Map]
4e06e21a72671f822cce2111fc9b5960 White House [Map]
d7c350a08127156cc20c9f480520efb7 White House [Map]
106d8a055bdae75f5cdf55abf3bcccef White House [Map]
a4eda1f5d13c9f59bc4787f2ef7a5d64 White House [Map]
422c3e5386631131ea2e062e1c48a88e White House [Map]
Reference to the foreign source – planetminecraft.com/project/the-white-house-980164 /

download map
Download minecraft map

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