Battlefield v1.2 [Map]

New version cards Battlefield v1.1. New features and fixes can be see in the list and video.
1) added 2 chest with a set of Paladin
2) New Class: Mage Wars, his armor hidden somewhere on the map
3) facilitate the initiation of phase parkour
4) nishtyakov chests hidden in the fourth layer of sandstone
5) New Achievements
1) Beds are girlfriend
2) 4 layers of sandstone to the creeper not smash!
1) Collect 5 approx edge
2) Drive out of the monsters:
1) Iron Sword (enchanted also considered *)
2) Onion (*)
3) The Golden Sword (*)
4) Gold Helmet (*)
5) Play with friends – so fun!
6) Find the map a new class – Mage Wars
7) crafted Trolleys
8) go through all the stages of parkour
That's it!
Enjoy the game!
Do not forget to write bugs and suggestions on the map in the comments!
Page Vkontakte – I will be happy!
Map provided Adorazar