Minecraft map

The Mod is an item that was introduced in Beta 1.6.
As long as the Mod is opened by the player who draws this to the entire environment. On 27 April 2011 Notch published the first images of the Mods.
New Minecraft Maps
A new Mod is empty after the production. The recording of the environment begins when the player right clicks the Mod in hand. The new Mod is always the largest available scale. You can now make an exact copy or copies with reduced scale.

Notch that holds a map
Each Mod is created with 2 parameters:
A centering, a fixed point, which marks the center of the map. Before Minecraft version 1.4 of the center of the map was on the point at which the respective map was created.
A zoom level to be decided when creating the map. Since version 1.4, the zoom level is changed. See the section “Use”.
These parameters are permanent means that the Mod does not. Moves with the player in other games Overall, it behaves like a real Mod, since it can be fully written and not always indicative of the position of the viewer. If the player goes beyond the borders of the map, this is shown as a small dot on the edge of the map and you have to make one more Mod to see the next region can (Each Mod shows only one area).
The Mod must be kept exploring the world in the hands of the player to record. The world will be recorded as it looks at the moment. This means that you have to visit again regions with an open map to make any changes visible on the map. While the Mod is held, there is no great loss of the visual field to the player, since the Mod is displayed in the lower area. The Mod can be in the view of the third person can not be considered.