Palace [Map]

On this map I have made a hotel in the city, palaces and a wool Statues I did everything allone. Map provided by VampireDimAN Screenshots:

21 Kvestik [Map]

As you have guessed, on this map complex you will find 21 jobs. My brain is just getting break because of these jobs that I proposed to you in this…

Carpathea [Map]

Welcome to Carpathea! House of Gladiators! Here you will find shops where can buy armor, potions and more. Animals abundance! Great hotel at one end of the map with two…

3. Round [Map]

Here you will find different tasks, that will make you a little bit nervous, but I think you will be good! Screenshots:

No Parkour Map [Map]

The first map of the series, which will not contain parkour. This card is only a maze in which I think, You will spend most of the time, because it…