4 Flying Tower [Map]

Another map similar to skyblock. But at this time 100 times harder! This map has 4 flying towers in void. First tower is of the securities ore. The second of obsidian. The third of clay and Sand. The fourth of land. You need the top Tower to survive.

Create a cobblestone generator.
Build a house 20 blocks from the island.
Expand the island.
Make the bed.
Make all possible types of farms.
Grow giant mushrooms.
Make 64 stone bricks.
Make 64 torch.
Make 64 bricks.
Make an infinite water source.
Gather all resources.
Build a portal to hell.
Getting in endermir.
Kill the dragon.
Collect dragon egg.
Make the stove.
Make a pond.
Make a trap for mobs.
Prepare pastry.
Do 10 snowmen.
Make 10 servings of mushroom soup.
Do 10 pumpkin lanterns.
Do 10 bookcases.
Prepare cake.
Make 50 rails.
Make a table enchantments.
Zacharuyte all their subjects.
Zacharuyte his armor.
Make a stand Potions.
Prepare five complex potions.
Collect 10 pearls.
Cook 10 fish.
Make 10 pieces of wool of each color.
Make 20 paintings.
Make a piston.
Make a sticky piston.
Make 16 glass.
Collect 64 arrows.
Make 30 stone slabs.
Do 10 tablets.
Fabricate 20 stairs.
Fabricate 30 fences.
Make a 5 wickets.
Do what-ever mechanism with Redstone.
Collect 64 bone meal.
Do 10 wooden and stone stairs.
The last thing collect 64 TNT and blow everything to hell
Map provided Madara239

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