Strange House [Map]

It all starts with the fact that you appear in the unknown strange to you home and do not remember anything. A house is really strange: are everywhere corpses, the corridors of zombies run hither and the windows you see only void. You have only one thought: find a way. But finding it will prove to be not so simple. The map contains Puzzles even at the beginning, and not just golovomki, and those in which no immediately obvious seem. Good luck in passing!

In the archives of the card also provides client maynkraft with mod CustomNPC. Before you install the client on your lane, I advise you to make a backup copy of your Client.

Map provided M3000


1. Not to destroy the blocks, If the job does not require it.
2. Do not cheat
3. Play for Graphics Settings "Fast" (A map is not written)
4. Play on peace (Also on the card does not say)


Strange House [Map]

Strange House [Map]

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