The Walls [Map]

The Walls – original PvP Survival card.

Very original map, which players will have 15 minutes to build their base. On this map you will have to craft, to survive, to build forts and defend against other players. The map consists of four islands limited, timer and sand walls. Players have 15 minutes to prepare for the fight (to build a fortress, collect armor, swords). Even after the fall of the wall, you will be able to destroy the blocks! The winner is the one who will most enduring and well-prepared. In the search for resources, you can stumble on the secret rooms in which there are not available because of the limited world things.
Rules (Players)
1. Wait until the operator of the server on which you are playing, you will put on positions – this is your first point. 2. Once all the players are in positions, all limited world at your disposal! 3. Do not break the blocks of sand. 4. Not leave the limits of the world. 5. Do not build the wall next to the sand. 6. Use your ability to fight with swords, Redstone and stuff something to beat your rivals!
Rule (operator):
1. Arrange all the players in the "Pipe" located at the edges of the islands. 2. Something to start the game, make sure that all the players are ready. 3. Make setting "Wiew Didstance" by 15. 4. Your server does not have to spawn monsters, but the difficulty is to be Normal / Light (Parameter Monsters Spawn) 5. Once you have placed all the players on the positions you have 15 seconds, that would go to the survival and access your "pipe" 6. All of the above rules for players

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