Survival in the Sandbox [Map]

On this map you will preodalet large distance, To find all four Torch.
What you should do:
1) You appear in most sandbox, where you have to find a few chests, with the things you need.
2) With the blocks that you have purchased in the sandbox you take to the brink of the sandbox and take the first torch.
3) Using its tools you need to get to the brink of a large cube (which has no bottom and roof) and pick up a second torch
4) Using the remaining funds go to the tree with vines and take the third torch
5) Break the tree (in full) and go back to the brink of a large cube, look at the third (or first xs their location) and you will see a screenshot box next to my head, so here you go. There will be a fourth torch!
Good luck!
PAGE VKONTAKTE – will be happy
Map provided Adorazar

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