Kill George [Map]

You normal builder, again come to work, look for the boss and he instructs you what that job! Through time, you take the load and charge ticket station Metro that-be to take the load on firm .All is good, but the train has gone Flight and from that moment, start spinning Adventures!! Card is worth it, worked on it for about 4 days. So I hope like!


Map provided astert
Do not cheat
Blocks do not break


Plate mania [Map]

My first map survival (and the first card at all), where you need collect 11 music discs (LPs) to spawn simultaneously killing arena mobs.
Also on the card has a "room" where you can:
– spawn new monsters and bonuses on the arena (the button next to the output);
– enchant armor;
– brew the potion;
– listen to music from records that you have already produced).
In the arena there is a small test: to get to the chest region on obsidanovoy ladder (for the main purpose)!
If you think that the card is too easy – try to press several times)
The archive is the card and the customer Russified version 12W22A (minecraft.jar placed in the directory ". Minecraft bin "). This version is required if you want to build the 11-th plate and take a mini test!
Map provided Krot_F