SmallBlock v1.0 [Map]

Survival / Adventure Map

The main point is that the card you created is not clear what the potion and tried it. You drank a potion that will reduce all living things, including you. You need to survive in this big house. And you need to run shallenges that invented by the author. Passing this card for a long time if all Shallenges, the way the author came up with extra challenges!
Ordinary challenges:

1) Build a Cobble generator.
2) Build a house.
3) Make a farm watermelons.
4) Make a pumpkin farm.
5) Make a cane farm.
6) Make a farm wheat (bread).
7) Make a giant red mushroom.
8) Make the bed.
9) Make an infinite water source.
10) Make a furnace.
11) Make a giant brown mushroom.
12) Get a full set of iron armor. (The iron bars of the zombies)
13) Sdelayt small farm cacti.
14) Make 10 mushroom soups.
15) Make 10 lamps.
16) to make 32 bookcases.
17) Make 20 bread.
18) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
19) Prepare a 10 fish.
20) Make 10 black wool.
21) Make 10 gray wool.
22) Do 10 light gray wool.
23) Make 10 bright green coat.
24) Make 10 red wool.
25) Make 10 yellow wool.
26) Make 10 pink wool.
27) Make 10 green wool.
28) Make 10 orange wool.
29) Make five paintings.
30) Make 16 glass.
31) Collect 64 arrows and make a bow.
32) Make a barn, at least one of each kind of animal in it.
Extra challenges:

1) Build a portal to hell.
2) Make a hell of a farm.
3) Collect hell warts to stack.
4) Find the hidden TNT and blow up bed
5) Make 4 cooking racks.
6) Make 20 potions of your choice.

SmallBlock v1.0 - Maps minecraft

SmallBlock v1.0 - Maps minecraft

SmallBlock v1.0 - Maps minecraft


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