Age of Empires. Part One [Map]

Good Welcome to the first map-passage with elements Parkour series "Age of Empires"

Map provided PoFF Netolyrg Jebyrator

To get started, you have to read the rules:
You have to play the "peaceful" difficulty.
You can not destroy blocks, if this does not say.
Do not cheat (TMA, Creative Mode).
Card can be played as one, and with friends 🙂
Follow the advice written in the books.
Get a fan from passing card)
XVII century.
So, you – the traveler and that your look is city – Stountaun, one of the richest cities Minecraft'a the time.
The first night in the city you've spent in the tavern. And zaderazhla you in it, uhochit here did not want to.
Something drew you to the head of Stountauna and you went to him. He said that in recent years some hell is going on here.
And he asked you for help. Like a true traveler, adventurer, you did not dare to refuse.
The problems began in the miners, the woodcutter, a priest.
And in a city infested naumnye killer 'Guild of Shadows "that bothered people.
Thus, the aim of your game on this map:
1. Find a set of diamond armor and a diamond pickaxe to help miners who poterilya this fight monsters.
2. Find a set of golden armor and a written book (blank) to help priests who had lost records of prayers.
3. Find a set of iron armor and an iron ax to help Woodman, whose pupil lost it all.
4. Finally, and most importantly, to find a set of armor and a fiery bow, once and for all eliminate the "Guild of Shadows."


Age of Empires.  Part One [Map]

Age of Empires.  Part One [Map]

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