New world v1.0 [Map]

The map is made in the style of postapokalipsisa.
This card is made under the Last Days texture pack
The plot: in 2050 there was a nuclear war that turned the earth into a wasteland. But, not long before the war to the space station to send a man. He lived there for a year and returned to earth on the emergency pill. The man is played by you. Completely open world. You can go where you please, since the main purpose is not present.
The only rule:
Not craft anything. All is right in the chests.

Card is very sophisticated. Special attention was paid to small objects. Also hidden many secrets. You can play on this card alone, or with friends. I recommend to friends. I intend to update this map.
Plans for the future:
-Build a shelter 102
-Build a military base
-Build a city (in progress)
-More mini-cities.


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