Secret lab v1.0.1 [Map]

You ordinary scientist working at a very unusual Laboratory. It begins with the fact that you come by train to the secret lab and here begins your new working day. Blast Creeper, travel between worlds, isleduyte other secret base and fly on military space ships. All this waiting you on this map! (Map with no labels but I hope you like)
Map provided paladin


The path to a dragon egg [Snapshot 12w27a] [Map]

You avid adventurers. Some years ago has been declared a major reward for finding dragon eggs, which can confirm the myth of the existence of dragons, and possibly liven up them.

You and many others have been this interested. Place where the egg is, nobody has long been known. But recently, you had the good fortune to find a map with the location of the egg. So you've found the place where it is stored and put in a strange room, where you will find a lot of tests before you find your dream. (more…)