2012 survivor adventure map [Map]

Rules of the game on this map:

– Play without mods.
– Play in survival mode.
– At least on normal difficulty.
– DO not destroy the shelter.
Tasks: – Build a cobblestone generator. Build sugar farm, build a house, build a village, build a melon farm, build potato-carrot farm, build the lower portal, build the cactus farm and build "wood" (one of each species) – Search for survivors-Craft, iron armor-Process and all diamond tools, with inhabitants-Craft 64 stone bricks-Craft 5 bricks-64-Wool Bow and 64 arrows, 32 to fish and cook them, bone-64-10-20 powder, carbon-20-10 of meat, apple-20-64, torches fence-64-64, cobble stone-32.
Good luck!

2012 survivor adventure map [Map]

Reference to the foreign source – planetminecraft.com/project/2012-survivor-adventure-map /

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Minecraft map description

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